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Joint Ministry of Finance , the National Development and Reform Commission , Ministry of Industry and Information Technology , General Administration of Customs , State Administration of Taxation , the National Energy Board recently issued "on the adjustment of major technical equipment import tax policy notice ." Deputy director of the Ministry of Finance Division马向晖Publicizing the New Deal in the recently held meeting that the implementation of the policy since 2009 , a list of the contents have been carried out on five occasions additions and adjustments , covering areas of expansion from the initial 10 to 15 .
Maxiang Hui pointed out that in 2014 benefited from the policy continued to expand since March 1 , oil and gas drilling rigs , semi- submersible drilling platforms , LNG carriers , deepwater seismic vessel , catenary multifunctional integrated vehicles, such as wet electrostatic precipitator equipment to be incorporated into the major technologies and equipment import tax policies to support range.
Dynamically adjust inventory
Reporters learned that at the meeting of major technical equipment import tax policies based on industry developments continue to be dynamically adjusted to encourage China's equipment manufacturing enterprises in the introduction, digestion and absorption, based on the re-innovation , promote independent development of major technical equipment , comprehensive revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry .
Maxiang Hui said the major technical equipment import tax preferential policies implemented since 2009 , the organization has improved policy implementation , in 2013 a total of 232 equipment manufacturing enterprises enjoy duty-free imports , the cumulative tax-free enterprise policy of 976 times for promote independent innovation of China's equipment manufacturing industry , the overall revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry has played a positive role.
According to reports, since the 2009 implementation of the policy , the list of which has been conducted has five additions and adjustments. For the key parts of the country has been able to independently produced , will be promptly removed from the duty-free list, increase recovery of import duties and import VAT .
After this adjustment , since March 1, 2014 , the New Deal will cancel the DC traction power supply equipment , automatic fire alarm and gas extinguishing systems, interlocking systems, coal-fired power plant flue gas denitrification equipment and other equipment imported duty-free policy ; adjust three generations parts and raw materials imported duty-free catalog nuclear power plant nuclear island equipment , improved second-generation nuclear power plant nuclear island and conventional island equipment equipment , cleaning machine , concrete pump , urban rail transportation equipment and other equipment.
Deputy Director of the Ministry of Equipment Industry Dong said that the import tax policies of major technical equipment of promoting the development of China's equipment manufacturing industry is mainly reflected in three aspects .
First, to promote independent innovation of major technical equipment . The core competitiveness of major technical equipment to enhance a great role in promoting. Before that, since the core components , slow development of key components , a direct impact on the competitiveness of outfit upgrade. By dynamically adjusting tax policy formulation and can weigh promote industrial development.
Second, greatly reducing the overall cost of major technical equipment of enterprises, to ease the financial pressure.
Third, through dynamic adjustment policies , can boost domestic basic components , the development of key components . China is currently being implemented to accelerate basic materials , basic components , basic technology and industrial technology base for the content of strong industrial base project . Look from the path , to enhance the level of infrastructure components can not be behind closed doors, through tax policy adjustment provides a new way .
Dong said that the policy on the domestic industry has a great role in promoting. For example , with a large railway maintenance machinery industry , after enjoying the policy , the total development of the full range of more than 50 kinds of products. In the textile equipment, the high-end equipment imported before the main policy after enjoying accelerated absorption and innovation . If Jingwei Textile Machinery Company , after enjoying the policy , the domestic market share rose from 20% to 40 % localization rate of 90% , breaking the international monopoly.
"Next , we must continue to give full play to the role of this policy ." Dong said that at present the Ministry has established three policy platform , one financing policy platform , the second is the first (set ) the insurance application platform , the third is tax policy platform. He said the next step should vigorously promote the development of major technologies and equipment from the policy platform perspective.